What Is A Statue?

Here are answers and questions.

The Tributes are attempted answers. These are not bourgeois portraits celebrating worthiness. They make a concrete use of salient text – text with connection to the subject; which is significant in its layout or how it gets read; even perhaps having connection to the material used, etc
This to see if an honest tribute to these writers (and artist) can be made which is at the same time a sculptural object in its own right.

The Statues seek to ask questions. They open-up a space in which issues around what it can mean to set something up as a statue, can be addressed. These may involve irony; self-declaration; self-deception; indignation etc.

Edward Colston gets tipped into Bristol Harbour (2020). Black Lives Matter shines a light upon injustice and collective self-deceipt. And statues traditionally involve image and some form of wording, which is a connection I want to explore.

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