Depending upon the particular circumstances, work may be carved in stone , wood, slate, concrete or marble; modelled for casting into bronze, aluminium, glass, cast iron, or plaster; or worked in collaboration with others to incorporate stainless steel, wrought iron and other materials.

Areas of interest for possible future work also include:

opportunities to work with modern architects on contemporary crafted buildings perhaps using sculptural text; or contemporary developments of sculptural or decorative plasterwork; or modern, maybe abstract, detailing in wood or stone, cast metal or glass –  any of which could break new architectural ground and serve to complement bold new building;

possibilities of using earthworks or groundwork excavations, in combination with minimal built forms (possibly in concrete) and some sculptural elements, in commemorative or public art projects;

using text for its own sake in more explicitly sculptural and three-dimensional ways, perhaps as free-standing forms.



Towards The Verbal-Visual Object (PDF)

Transformations Of Matter (PDF)




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