West Front Figures, Guildford Cathedral

Looking across north and central bays

St Benedict. Work in progress. Three blocks of Clipsham stone in process of carving in the workshop. Each of the four buttress figures carries quotations in relief down the returns at the sides.

St Bernard. Work in progress

Christ at the Transfiguration. The Gospel passage relates disciples witnessing Christ, as His person appears to be re-made as Light: a revelation of His unique identity. The aim was to find a sculptural equivalent for this.

A complete scheme of work, comprising nine figures, abstract panels and text.

The work combines historic and 20th Century figures of significance within the life of the Church.

The character of the work responds to the quality of the sheer brick facade of Edward Maufe’s architecture, designed in the thirties. The figures are conceived as being a part of the mass of the building; not seeking to detach themselves from it.

Clipsham Limestone

Central Door figure of Christ 2.9 metres high
Four buttress figures 2.15 metres high
North and south door figures 1.6 metres high

Completed 2004

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