Eastbach Court Temple

West elevation

Iain Exley was the architect for this temple structure for a private residence in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire.

The whole building, although completely authentic in terms of its classical idiom, is ironic. This is a reception building, setting itself up as a chicken house. Acroteria display an egg above the volutes; eggs punctuate the frieze, and latin mottoes relate to, or make play on, the allegorical conceit carved in each pediment.

The design and carving of the three tympana; the designing and making of the patterns for the acroteria; design work on other exterior detail, and the carving of an interior wooden frieze, were my responsibility.

The scale of the acroteria maintains the balance between seeing a building that is smaller than one would expect, and seeing one that has gravitas.

Forest of Dean Blue Pennant sandstone

Completed 2013

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